Penn Reel Comparison Chart 2014

Founded in 1932, Penn Fishing Tackle Manufacturing Company has been standing out as one of the oldest and most successful names in making fishing rods and reels. From its very first days until the recent years, Penn reels hold a unique place in saltwater fishing reels, with over 1400 international Game Fish Association (IGFA) world records being set using them. Over 220 different models are manufactured today.

Penn is most famous for its spinning reels. Many Penn’s spinning reels such as Penn Battle, Penn Fierce, Penn Spinfisher V, Penn Conflict, Penn Z, Penn Pursuit,… has been widely trusted and used among anglers. In 2006, Penn’s Torque reel was named the America Sport fishing Association’s Saltwater.

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Penn Reel Comparison Chart 2014

PictureName of ProductTypeCustomer ReviewsBuy now
41dTy2iUDbL._AA160_Penn Spinfisher V Spinning ReelSpinning Reelratting-b00dzxha5w
41IcgJW4dRL._AA160_Penn Casting Star Drag Jigmaster Reel, 275-Yard, 30-Pound, Silver FinishSpinning Reelsratting-b00dzxha5w
41LfACmy+ML._AA160_Penn BTLII4000 Battle II 220/10 Mono 6.2:1 Ratio 6 Sealed SS BearingsSpinning Reelsratting-b00ldyj7co
41dXDNAeTAL._AA160_Penn Squall Star 6+1 Bearings 6.0:1 17/240 Line Capacity Drag ReelSpinning Reelsratting-b004740ybg
41xH5E0wOPL._AA160_Penn Fierce 4+1 Bearing 5.6:1 17/280 Line Capacity Spinning ReelSpinning Reelsratting-b00474byri
41cbEQJLtKL._AA160_Penn Pursuit II 4000CP Spinning ReelsSpinning Reelsratting-b00er7hnys
418iVgwT-yL._AA160_Penn Senator ReelSpinning Reelsratting-b004740kbs0
41OBcswESiL._AA160_1187312/ 114H2LW 6/0 SPCL SENATOR WIDE SPOOLSpinning Reelsratting-b003by3lmg
416Vobx0UfL._AA160_Penn Conflict 4000 Spinning ReelsSpinning Reelsratting-b00er7g98y
41WyQDSqL-L._AA160_Penn Gold Label Series Torque Spinning Reel (Gold, 300-Yard/15-Pound)Spinning Reelsratting-b003by77w6

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