Penn MB2050C66 Mariner Boat Casting Rods Review

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4.7/5 on August 10, 2015

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17 reviews

The Penn MB2050C66 Mariner Boat Conventional Rod stands at 5’6” in length. Built with a fiberglass core, it is strong and sturdy. Fiberglass rods, while considered obsolete to some, are actually great tools. Noted for their strength and durability, fiberglass rods are typically used for trolling (a style of fishing in which a line is dragged behind a moving boat). This is because a fiberglass rod is not known to be sensitive, and trolling does not require sensitivity. Present-day fiberglass rods are built to be more flexible than older generations.

With a great balance, the Mariner Boat feels lightweight in your hands. As a one-piece rod, this rod is very strong. It comes with a snug EVA grip that is split. Of course, with Penn being a great innovator in products, this rod is unique in its adaptability.

I would recommend using this rod for trolling (boat fishing), bottom fishing, surf fishing. It is made to last and prevent erosion. Recommended for more advanced fishermen, this rod will help you catch those bottom-feeders such as halibut. Combine this with a Penn 113H or a Penn Fierce 4000 reel for maximum effectiveness.

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