[Infographic] Fishing With Sweet Corn


Sweetcorn can be used straight from the tin, but, if you do take a tin with you on your fishing trip please take the empty tin home with you and dispose of it in the dustbin. Better still is to empty the sweetcorn into a spare bait tub and leave the tin at home. Apart […]

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[Infographic] Carp Fishing Tools And Equipment


This a brief guide on the carp fishing equipment you will need when you start to fish for carp. This guide is aimed at the carp angler beginner. First question most new “Catch & Release” carpers ask is “ What’s the basics I’ll need to start?”.

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[Infographic] Hook, line, and Sinker: Top 10 Fishing Superstitions


Superstitions are surprisingly widespread across the fishing community, and fishermen easily attribute certain beliefs, rituals and objects to their success out on the water. Even if you believe in these common myths and superstitions, don’t let them affect your catch!

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[Infographic] Most Common Fishing Equipment


If you are new to fishing, then you’ve come to the right place. When you are a beginner, fishing can seem pretty intimidating. You probably have a lot of questions and maybe no one to point you in the right direction. Here are a few fishing tips to keep in mind before you head out onto […]

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[Infographic] Top Fishing Tips For Beginners


If you are thinking about trying your hand at fishing then you’re in luck. Below is a list of the beginning fisherman’s essential 10 things that beginners needs to know when packing up your gear and heading towards the water.  In order to ensure a successful fish fry, you must know the most beneficial basics. Simple […]

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[Infographic] Minnesota Fishing is Big Business


Any Minnesotan can tell you that fishing is one of our favorite past times. Sun or snow, day or night we love it and we are good at it. Here is an infographic we created here at the Mille Lacs Area Tourism Council showing some numbers and data on just how much we love our […]

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[Infographic] Fishing Knots You Will Ever Need To Know


It’s one of the most important knots in all of fishing, used by most anglers to secure their hooks,lures,or swivels to the fishing line 1. Clinch Knot 2. The Palomar Knot 3. The Blood Knot 4. The Surgeon’s Knot 5. The Spider Hitch Knot  

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[Infographic] A Guide to Ice Fishing


When winter is upon us, many anglers hang up their rods and wait for warmer weather before casting a line.  We has created an infographic entitled “Ice Ice Baby: A Guide to Ice Fishing”, for fish-craving anglers looking to try their hand at this cold-weather sport. From equipment recommendations to hit tips and tricks, this […]

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[Infographic] 5 Things To Know When Open Ice Fishing

[Infographic] 5 Things To Know When Open Ice Fishing 2

This Infographic gives you pre planning information about how to do open ice fishing. Here you will find the things to know about ice fishing technique, dress-up and types of fishes: 1. Dress warm 2. Drilling your hole 3. Choosing your line 4. Rod and reel selection 5. Rod, reel and line combo set-ups  

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How to Clean & Repair Penn Reels

How to Clean & Repair Penn Reels 1

Since it first started operating in Philadelphia in 1932, the Penn Fishing Tackle Manufacturing Company has made thousands of Penn reels. Just like any other fishing reel, performance will depend on how often and well the reel is serviced and cleaned in parts such as the faceplate and handle. The company has created a service […]

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